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I am so proud of my sweet hubby and myself. We worked so hard making this path to the lower deck of the house. Thank you Mary Alice for the rocks. Yea! More pics to come…


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This is a trend I am seeing all over the internet from my creative BLOG “friends”. Taking something and re-purposing it for yorself…morphing it into something new. I love this! So I did it.

I loved my Pottery Barn changing table I scored for $90 at a consignment sale, but now my girl was grown and I needed a buffet for my dining space. A coat of black paint, well several coats actually and we were in business. Well, the best part was the dresser I scored for $35 at my local consignment shop to replace the change table in her room.

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Great Fox Video

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Ok so I am truly inspired after watching TLC’s {EXTREME Couponing} Season Premiere on Wednesday Night. I spent the day making my “Special Coupon Binder”.

The key is collecting the coupon circulars in the Sunday Paper and filing them by date. Then when the store sale ad comes out go to couponmom.com and look under sales by state. Find your grocery store of choice and see which coupons of which weeks can be matched with the store’s sale ad for maximun savings. Ingles doubles coupons up to $50 and Bi-Lo up to $60. My friend went this week and checked out with a total of $75 before store sale and coupons. She only paid $13.00!!!!! I am so excited! It will be like my own little challenge to see how well I can save. I am going to start out getting 3 Sunday Papers a week.

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Yes…you just paint magnetic paint right on the drywall. So fun…A great organizational tool for our home.

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Can’t help but think about the many blessings in my world today. These are the things that bring my JOY:

1. Being SEEN by my husband of 13 years.

2. Playing with my girls.

3. Drinking Coffee.

4. Shopping for Ideas online through creative Blogs.

5. Watching HGTV.

6. Finding new hobbies. {Couponing, Sewing, Soaking..etc}

7. Having meaningful tuck-ins.

8. Reading THE BOXCAR CHILDREN to the girls.

9. Learning more about God and Our Vast Universe.

10. Long chats on the phone with Family Members I cherish.

Just to name a few that come to mind this week…

{Who could be bored in this life?}

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