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After two months of MUCH HARD WORK…my hubby and I finally finished the loft bed. So much fun! We couldn’t wait til Christmas (and needed the garage back!)


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This is such a special song to me. It became a special song to me the Winter of 2006. My brother-in-law died in Dec. 2005. It was with a heavy heart that I began to sort through my feelings around that as well as my belief systems in place that winter in my sunroom at Echo Drive. I feel like I spent the whole winter in that room. It was in early Spring that I had a vision of Adam in that very room assuring me that he was ok and that he had accomplished what was his to accomplish here on earth in this dimension and that he was still with us in spirit. It was then also that I began to fit many hours of study and contemplation and much meditation into my daily life. Being trapped indoors through the long winter ended up being a precious peaceful time for me. It was in this time that I began to piece together and make sense of everything that I had experienced in life thus far and it was kind of all brought into focus as I experienced God’s Unconditional love in a way that I had not previously experienced it before. It was in this time that I also found myself experiencing God’s love through my being toward others….specifically one person who had injured my soul immensely through sexual assault. I began to understand what Jesus meant when he said, “Forgive, for they don’t know what they are doing.” I began to see that hurting people hurt others out of sheer ignorance and in an un-enlightened state. Since we know that Christ is the light which lightens EVERY man (John 1:9) we can assume that if one does not act Christlike, he is unaware of the light within him. Yet the work He (Christ) began within me will be completed by Him one day according to Phillipians. All of a sudden I understood the beauty of Christ work on the cross and why the Gospel is such Good News. When we understand who we are in Christ, we are set free to love freely and unconditionally and we begin to see that nothing is outside of God and certainly NO ONE! He has set us free from the law of SIN and DEATH. Nothing can seperate us from His Love! The verses I had memorized as a child began to make sense in the light of this deeper understanding of the true Gospel Message.

I have been going to church alone for 3 years to Dayspring and Grace Episcopel while Ben has been woking Sundays. This morning we went to the Vine of the Mts. church. It was so nice to go as a family again. I LOVE Dayspring and have felt so at home among the small intimate group but I know it is not a permanent fit for our family, so I was curious to visit other places. I was surprised though when the whole service centered around this song by Andrew Peterson that meant so much to me. I play it very often and it always makes me feel at ease. They actually sang it 3 times at church today. It blessed me immensely.

The Pastor also kept referencing the NOW and NOT YET. It reminded me of an old Amy Grant song..Memory Lane…

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