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DSC01613Our Upstair

New Guest Room….We moved the craft room down to the basement.



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Still details to finish but I was so excited I had to post!  The top Attic layer will be added later.Image


Well….I basically gave up a week and a half of my life to make it but it was sooooo much fun and so tiring! My back hurt so bad I got muscle spasms at one point from all the positions I put myself in to make it. I love the crown molding in the 2nd floor. The girls love it! Many thanks to my neighbor for helping us move it in! It is sooooo big. I can’t wait to add the top room in between the two porches. kind of modeled it after this one.

Still have these to make for it….

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Wanted a new bed for my Guest Room and found this one at Goodwill for………$20!!!!!!  My sweet Brother in law Andrew helped me haul it home!  A little paint and Wah-La!


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So excited about my new little jars….Painted with chalkboard paint and added stickers!

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Knowing I need to add some modern colorful design elements to my white/tan/black/brown scheme I have going…I asked my friend Amanda for input. To play on some colors to accent with I made this frame of our family’s individual goals for 2012. Interesting….I love these colors! I am going to look for some accent pieces for my bedroom and maybe even let it flow out to the living area. We shall see. Thanks to my neighbor Gary who was throwing out some old frames. I love making someone else’s trash my treasure!

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It is taking on more shape! We are so proud of ourselves.

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Ben and I worked hard to make this sandbox. When you live in the Mountains and have very little level yard..Outside play is often a challenge. There was just no good yard for a swingset like we had at Echo Drive so we thought a big sandbox would be fun!

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