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As I gear up for this Halloween…I scrapped a few pages for the girl’s scrapbooks from last year. We had so much fun! I really wanted to capture that fun and keep it personal as well.


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Still details to finish but I was so excited I had to post!  The top Attic layer will be added later.Image


Well….I basically gave up a week and a half of my life to make it but it was sooooo much fun and so tiring! My back hurt so bad I got muscle spasms at one point from all the positions I put myself in to make it. I love the crown molding in the 2nd floor. The girls love it! Many thanks to my neighbor for helping us move it in! It is sooooo big. I can’t wait to add the top room in between the two porches. kind of modeled it after this one.

Still have these to make for it….

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Daisy, Sarah and Sarafina

Our new duckings!

We are so excited! We are learning to care for a new little pet. So many lessons to learn from our little teachers. Annaleah is a wonderful mother!

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Well, the Hill family has survived and thrived through another ordeal…HEADLICE. Who knows where we picked it up or who we shared it with in ignorance. Hopefully we caught it early. It is a long tedious process to get rid of them which consists of bleaching and washing everything on hot, spraying mattresses, floors and furniture. The girls slept on air mattresses in the living room on hardwood floors for a week and were not allowed to go downstairs to their rooms or play with any of their dolls. Inspired by a conversation with my friend Sheila we just concluded a ceremony of intended thankfulness complete with candles.

Together we compiled a list of the things we learned from lice:
{read by Selah}

1. To recognize our feelings like when our head itches.

2. To be thankful for the toys in our room that we missed.

3. How to be patient in “nit-checks”.

4. To obey Mommy & Daddy and stay upstairs, sit still, stay off the couch etc.

5. Sometimes there is a reward for patience.
{Mommy bought us new toys…Polly Pocket Cruise Ship and My Little Pony Dance Palace…GW Bargains…See Pics}

6. Learned compassion for others in hard situations.

7. To be thankful that we are able to be together.

8. It’s fun to craft and create together.

9. How to turn something bad into something fun. {Our Spa Party with the Hair Treatments and painting nails}

10. That our friends love us no matter what!

Our ceremony concluded as we carried our lit candles outside, symbolizing the lice exiting our house and lives. We wore our paper clothes we designed together inspired by Selah. We took a moment to thank the lice for the lessons we learned from them and then said goodbye blowing our candles out in unison.

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I just heard Annaleah say, “I MISS MYSELF BEING A BABY.” I am inclined to agree. I miss her being a baby but I love who she is now and will be in the future. She is PERFECT! I am so proud of her! I think she is WONDERFUL!

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After two months of MUCH HARD WORK…my hubby and I finally finished the loft bed. So much fun! We couldn’t wait til Christmas (and needed the garage back!)

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Made this little outfit for Selah’s second day of school. Cute shirt design from theembroideryboutique.com

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