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DSC01613Our Upstair

New Guest Room….We moved the craft room down to the basement.



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Our 2012 Christmas Card

Loved these pics my friend Lauren took!

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This is a great article that provides an overview of the reality of the universe and God’s interwoven design of creation and human existance.  There is a surge of Christians “discovering” that the truth of the Bible lies deeply within the Torah.  It is interesting how many are diving into Hebrew Study.  Facinating to me how God is using every avenue for HIS Glory….Science, Judaism, and every road in between.  If God wants to reveal himself He will do it.  People everywhere are waking up and I think it makes sense to find the depth of truth within your own religious tradition first. Yet, rest assured, you will find truth from within no matter what religion you wish to align yourself with.  God is ALL.  Live from the POWER of the TREE OF LIFE!  We are all CONNECTED.  Jesus teaches this best in his famous prayer in the Garden in which he reiterates ONENESS multiple times.

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The Human Jesus Documentary by Restoration Fellowship (Anthony Buzzard) | BiblicalUnitarian.com.

I found this documentary fascinating….I have struggled with the deity of Jesus for quite awhile. I have had the nagging suspicion that the Trinity is a false doctrine for awhile but I never tied the deism of Jesus to my doubts about the trinity. Things are becoming ever increasingly clear….BRING IT!!!!! I trust in Jesus’s Words not necessarily what people TELL me about Jesus.

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